Once and future Robin Chris O’Donnell made an appearance on Conan O’Brien’s program last night to promote his current TV home NCIS: Los Angeles. Among the friendly chatter, the fiery-haired talk show host grilled a visibly uncomfortable O’Donnell about one of his more surreal experiences on a film set during the ’90s. See, one of O’Donnell’s first major roles came on the well-respected drama Scent of a Woman with Al Pacino, where they had to deal with a unlikely prima donna guest star. President Donald Trump’s acting career has taken him through the Home Alone franchise and beyond, but this credit in particular eluded him.

O’Donnell recalls that director Martin Brest wanted to shoot at the Trump-owned Plaza Hotel for Scent of a Woman, but that location came with strings attached. Specifically, that Donald Trump would not permit them to shoot in his property without providing the real estate mogul with a walk-on role. Under slight duress, O’Donnell confesses that they acquiesced to Trump’s demands, but found an easy workaround. They shot a brief role for Trump, and then summarily disposed of the footage (as O’Brien puts it, directly after Trump walked off set). They got their footage, Trump got his imaginary moment in the spotlight, everyone walked away happy.

Aside from being a weird little showbiz footnote, this brief anecdote speaks directly to the famed fragility of our current Commander-in-Chief’s ego. Realizing that he was holding all the cards, he managed to get his way through sheer uncooperative force of will. An auspicious sign of things to come for the man now dictating American foreign policy!

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