Hollywood is a magical land of opportunity where stars are made and exciting new stories are told every day. It’s also a land of crushed dreams where sometimes the projects you’re most excited for never come to fruition. Such is the case with South American border thriller Triple Frontier, once a Kathryn Bigelow project, until now boasting a cast of everyone’s boyfriends Tom Hardy, Channing Tatum, and Mahershala Ali, but as of today shelved once again.

Deadline broke the news this afternoon: Paramount has dropped the picture, and Hardy and Channing are officially out. The film has had a pretty fraught production history, having started off as a collaboration between Bigelow and screenwriter Mark Boal after The Hurt Locker before they branched off to do Zero Dark Thirty, and then abandoned Triple Frontier altogether. Everyone from Leonardo DiCaprio to Johnny Depp has been involved at one point or another, and J.C. Chandor was also onboard to direct until today, but this seems like a project that just won’t stick.

Which is a darn shame, because the list of things I would not give to see Hardy, Tatum, and Ali in a movie, any movie, is so short it almost doesn’t exist. Apparently they didn’t feel like Chandor’s most recent rewrite was that great, and Paramount was doing this on a pricey budget but a tight schedule, which always makes folks nervous. Plus, given a recent shakeup at Paramount, the guy who loved this thing before is no longer there. Maybe this is just Paramount trying to do the decent thing, as a movie starring all three of these guys would probably cause most audiences to spontaneously combust.

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