First there was the ‘Point Break’ musical parody, which became an underground hit in Los Angeles, and now there’s ‘Trans4mers,’ which makes fun of Michael Bay and his bloated, insufferable blockbusters.

The musical is the brainchild of a troupe called 30 Minute Musicals. Grace Phipps from ‘Vampire Diaries’ plays Megan Fox, D.J. Blickenstaff from ‘Sean Saves the World’ plays Shia LaBeouf and Sean Persaud plays Michael Bay.

In this musical, Phipps is constantly flipping her hair for no good reason -- just like Fox does in the ‘Transformers’ films! And Bay has two 13-year-old kids as script supervisors making sure the story lives up to its usual juvenile standards.

As Hollywood Reporter notes, the 30 Minute Musicals company started in 2011, and the first show they produced was a goof on ‘Showgirls,’ always a prime parody target, and musicals about ‘Jurassic Park,’ ‘Top Gun,’ ‘Hook’ and ‘Independence Day’ soon followed. A parody of 'Back to the Future' is also in the works, which is ironic because an actual ‘Back to the Future ‘musical is also in production, set to launch in London next year.

So if you hate ‘Transformers’ and Michael Bay, this could be the musical for you. And we’re sure it’s like shooting fish in a barrel, because with Bay and ‘Transformers,’ the jokes just keep writing themselves.