The first changes to the on and off-ramps of I-20 gets started this week.

The Midland Reporter-Telegram reports that beginning Tuesday, January 25th, all four exit and entrance ramps will be closed at Midkiff Road to begin building detour lanes so they can start the demolition of the Midkiff overpass.

The outside main lanes going in both directions will close to begin putting up concrete barriers to divert traffic.

Speed limits will be decreased in those areas so drivers are encouraged to note the speed limit changes and be careful in the area while construction is going on.

The Midkiff project will be going on at the same time they are constructing a new intersection at I-20 and County Road 1250 right next to Schlumberger's Midland headquarters.

The combined projects will make the construction zone go from FM 1788 to a quarter-mile east of the Midkiff interchange.

During construction, the speed limit will be reduced in these areas, plus traffic will be diverted and pinched down to two lanes to begin the demolition of the Midkiff bridge and the development of a new intersection at I-20 and CR 1250.

If it is at all possible to change your driving routine during construction, it is advised to keep traffic congestion to a minimum because it will be a mess and frustrating to local drivers and drivers passing through on I-20 too.

This will be a frustrating time for drivers on I-20 so have patience and observe detours and speed limits in the area.

Construction is expected to be completed in the winter of 2023.


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