When it comes to swiping an explicitly forbidden track from Tracy Chapman, Nicki Minaj doesn't seem to be particularly sorry.

The Queen rapper is facing a lawsuit issued by the "Fast Car" singer, who's "suing Minaj for monetary damages," according to TMZ. 

It all started in June, when Minaj and her team requested the rights to Chapman's song "Baby Can I Hold You" — each bid was rejected. But the denial seemed to fall on deaf ears, as Minaj's "Sorry," which features Chapman's tune (Chapman says half of the lyrics and melodies are stolen completely), dropped in August...sort of.

The lawsuit notes that Funkmaster Flex and The Breakfast club proceeded to play "Sorry," and that the tune quickly became popular across the internet. The day after it came out, Minaj tweeted "Sis said no," referring to Chapman's rejection, and moved to strike the track from Queen.

And, according to Stereogum, Minaj also "tweeted that she 'had no clue' that her song sampled Tracy Chapman" at first.


Alas, the deed had been done.

Chapman is also moving to prevent Minaj from ever releasing the song again.

Listen to the two tracks above and tell us what you think.

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