With Texas being right in the middle of Tornado Alley, some of the worst twisters in the US have occurred in the Lone Star State.

They might be beautiful to look at & watch it form but... you don't need me telling you that they're very deadly.

One that a lot of people remembered was the May 27th, 1997 Jarrell Tornado, the last F5 tornado ever occurring in Texas. Or as people call it: the "dead man walking" tornado.

Another F5 tornado occurred on May 11, 1970 in Lubbock. 26 people lost their life but this was a significant tornado that led to the development of the Fujita Scale (the measurement scientists use to measure tornadoes).

Thank god too. 9 years later, Texas would experience another deadly storm on April 10. The Wichita Falls F4 tornado killed 42 people.

This day would be known as "Terrible Tuesday"

When the 80s & 90s rolled around, we've seen an increase in home videos of tornadoes. (This is where the "beautiful" part comes in). They're always just a sight to see nature form in front of our eyes...

Here's one of the Gruver supercell in 1987 taken by David Hoadley

There's also this home video of a tornado in Pampa in 1995. One comment on the video even said that home footage was taken by an officer named Randy Stubblefield.

Even today storm chaser get some INCREDIBLE footage of tornadoes. Like this 2022 footage in Morton.

But of course we need to remember to be careful around twisters. They're still very much deadly..

The deadliest tornado to have occurred in Texas happened on May 11, 1953 in the city of Waco: a massive F5 tornado swept through the town killing 114 people & injuring 597.

And these are the ones that video cameras captured. There's even more registered by the National Weather Service.

Remember whenever the weather is bad, don't forget everything you need to do to protect yourself & your family if a storm hits.

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