Summer travel will be ramping up soon, so what are the top 5 small animals that are most likely to become roadkill on Texas roads?

  1. Armadillos - You would think the animal that has its own armor would be able to prevent being roadkill. But with F-950 pickups on the road, even an animal that comes equipped with its own armor can maybe handle a Smart Car, but it has no chance with a pickup that has 8 back tires and covers the whole road, bar ditch to bar ditch.
  2. Raccoons - More common in the Hill Country of Texas but definitely found on the roadways of Texas when drivers go 100 in a 75 MPH speed zone. Raccoons can become roadkill easily with a Smart Car going 100 MPH in the rural areas of Texas.
  3. Coyotes - Whether you call them "Ky-oats" or "Ky-oat-ees" they still commonly become roadkill on the highways and byways of Texas. These animals might be maimed by a Smart Car but yet again, will have no chance coming up against an F-950 with those 8 back tires racing down the highway at 100 MPH.
  4. Skunks - If you are going to hit a skunk, you better surprise him so he doesn't see you coming otherwise the entire undercarriage of your vehicle will stink for many miles. With these small animals, it is a toss-up if they will be killed or maimed by a Smart Car, it depends on the angle of impact. But once again these animals have no chance with an F-950.
  5. Rabbits - Cottontails will have no chance with either the Smart Car or the F-950, but a Jackrabbit will probably cause major damage to a Smart Car while once again probably only maiming the Jackrabbit. Neither one will have any chance with an F-950 barreling down the road at 100.

So there is a snarky view of the Top 5 animals that will become roadkill on Texas roads this summer.


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