Yesterday, I reported on a study that has shown the way to a woman's heart is through her stomach.  So that got me to thinking, what are the most romantic foods.  After some searching online, I've here are five that come up consistently:


  • Chocolate

    It gives an overwhelming feeling to a person, especially one who is in love.

  • Spicy Hummus

    One of its ingredients is believed to have aphrodisiac properties.

  • Coffee

    Coffee is actually one of the most romantic drinks you can have to catch the attention of someone you love through its aroma and taste.

  • Spaghetti & Meatballs

    Add candlelight, flowers and match it with a good bottle of red wine on the table and it will surely make your dinner romantic.

  • Fruit Salad

    Sensual fruits include strawberries, bananas, pears and blueberries.   Fruit can make you feel full and have the feelings of love.  This is actually one of the most romantic foods you can eat together with your loved one.