Tommy Wiseau has been described as an enigma ... a visionary ... and an incompetent filmmaker. Nevertheless, he’s back at it again with Big Shark. For those not familiar with his work, he’s the director of The Room. While he now maintains that it was meant to be an absurd comedy, interviews from around that time (and the movie itself) really make it feel like it was just a failed attempt at a romantic drama. So much so that it's up there with classics like Troll 2 as one of the best and worst movies.

Big Shark looks like Troma and Sy-Fy decided to collaborate on a giant shark movie, but both of them were somehow more strapped for cash than normal. The trailer starts out innocuously enough. Just some shots of a beach town, some boxing, and very aggressive text animations. But then, you see it. The shark. The shark looks like a model straight out of a Jaws video game for the PlayStation 2. As the trailer continues, the shark wreaks more and more havoc upon the unsuspecting town. That's when we get a “COMING SOON” and a link to the film's website.

You can check out the trailer below:

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Make sure you watched the whole video so you can enjoy when it becomes an ad for underwear. Jazzy, acidic hip-hop plays in the background as we watch two men throwing a basketball. Various actors (including Tommy) speak directly to the viewer, saying “Love is blind, love is dangerous, love is awesome.” The men playing basketball are wearing underwear with the waistbands pulled up. They say “Tommy Wiseau” in block letters. Then, there's a card that says "Twunderwear". We then get a link to Tommy's website itself, where you're instantly bombarded with merch. Yep. This all somehow checks out.

Big Shark will debut with screenings in Portland on April 2. It will continue to play around the country through the spring and summer.

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