U.K. sensation and PopCrush fave Tom Odell performed at New York City's Irving Plaza recently. If you missed it or aren't local, don't be bummed! We've got an exclusive clip of the singer-songwriter performing 'Hold Me' ahead of the rest of the full concert premiere, scheduled for Moshcam today (Oct. 25).

If you've never seen Odell in concert yet (we suggest that you do, since he is a true talent), you can pretend like you were front and center when he played NYC by watching this clip, which finds him seated behind the piano and smashing away at it!

It's one fiery, impassioned performance, that's for sure.

We had to back away from our screen at first, since we were afraid it would ignite from the intensity of Odell's performance. He bounces around like a man possessed by the desire to play music in this clip. It's a true representation of artist who is compelled to perform and do music.

You'll see why we love him so much by watching this footage, which clocks in at around five-and-a-half minutes.

The full concert will stream here. Grab Odell's new album 'Long Way Down' here.