Tom Hiddleston gave more than just a performance for a certain audience member during his Broadway performance of Harold Pinter's Betrayal.

Paper first reported that on the Talking Broadway message board, All That Chat, an anonymous audience member described in detail their experience watching Hiddleston's show.

During their September 11th performance, a woman seated in the lower bowl section was masturbating in public during the show. She was reportedly touching herself during every time Hiddleston spoke a line according to the forum post. The anon claimed that she orgasmed while Hiddleston's character was being cheated on by his wife with his best friend.

The woman in question was "very well dressed" and in her thirties who attended the play solo. During the play's final act she reportedly began masturbating and giggling every time Hiddleston spoke and orgasmed for a second time before taking a nap. She woke up and stood up for the final bows and left.

The anon explained that they did not know how to address the situation since they did not know what to say and if they got an usher that would disrupt the theater-goers even more. If she stopped she could have "easily" denied it.

Take a look at the forum post via Twitter, below!

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