A man's ex is upset with him after he took their 5-year-old child to an "unsafe" wedding where guests were drinking and partying.

The dad took his son to a friend's wedding without his ex's knowledge. After she found out on social media, she was extremely upset.

"My buddy Brent recently had his wedding. With the weather still being so nice, half the wedding ended up being outside. I brought my son Liam, with Brent and his wife’s permission of course. I share custody with my ex, but my boys all treat my son like their nephew. I take him with me to outings and they all help out with him as much as a group of friends can," the man wrote via Reddit.

The man explained his son "seemed to have a good time" at the wedding, and that there was someone watching him at all times. He noted he only drank two "glasses of wine" and ensured readers that his son went to bed "at an appropriate hour." He thought everything was fine — until his ex found out about the wedding.

"My son was a part of some of the wedding photos and they were posted on social media. Apparently my ex saw them and is furious that my son was there where 'people were drinking and partying' and was in an 'unsafe' environment,'" he continued.

The confused man concluded his Reddit post by sharing he initially thought his ex was "overreacting," but now he is "second guessing" whether it was a good idea to bring his son at the wedding.

Users in the comments rallied behind the dad.

"It sounds like your ex isn't trusting your judgment here. Sounds like a fun wedding, reasonably family friendly, not a Saturday night frat party," one person wrote.

"You are allowed to bring a kid to a wedding unless told otherwise. Of course there is alcohol at a wedding. Are you not allowed to take your kid to a restaurant because they serve alcohol?" another commented.

"I mean, it wasn’t a nightclub. People were dancing and having a few drinks but nothing was out of control," someone else shared.

"This is just your ex weaponizing the kid ... if you hadn't have taken him she'd have been furious saying you'd rather be partying than spending time with your kid, etc. etc.," another user weighed in.

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