If you have taken a drive around the older areas of central Midland, you are probably tired of dealing with the orange barrels and cones. Well, the road projects are going really well and the majority of the projects have already been completed.

According to the Midland Reporter-Telegram, the Director of Engineering Services for the City of Midland, Jose Ortiz, says 20 out of 26 projects are already completed.

Some of the projects still ongoing are as follows:

  • "A" Street north of Scharbauer - It seems like this project has been going on for 20 years I know, but it is due to be completed in late Spring 2023.
  • Solomon Lane - Utilities are done and paving has begun so this project should be done by Summer 2023.
  • Garfield Ave. north of Midland Memorial Hospital - This part of the road project is about to get started and will take about 18 months from bid to paving. This includes the roundabout that is planned for the Garfield and Cuthbert intersection.
  • Illinois Ave. from "A" Street to Midland Memorial Hospital - The utility work around Midland High School was done this past summer while school was out. This project is completed to "H" Street and the rest of the project will be done differently from the first part because utility and road construction are being paired together to save time.

The second roundabout in Midland is almost completed at Thomason Dr., Illinois Ave., and Beal Pkwy. and should be done by Spring 2023 just in time for the third roundabout to begin construction at Cuthbert and Garfield. The first roundabout at Tradewinds and Anetta was completed in 2020 accompanied by the video below on how to drive in a roundabout from the City of Midland.

For more information, you can also go to the City of Midland website.





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