The National Weather Service is warning West Texans that Winter is officially here after a cold front blasted through the area last night that promises to bring precipitation with it.

Temperatures won't get above freezing today, tomorrow or New Year's day. West Texas will only begin to thaw by Friday when temperatures might reach 45° by afternoon. Until then, chill factors will range from the teens to single-digits. The chance of precipitation will also continue, with our best chance happening tonight and Friday.

As I always do, I urge you to make sure your pets have a warm place to stay outside and plenty of water to drink so they can stay hydrated to help keep them warm. I created a video with information on how to help you make sure your pets stay warm this winter.

If you haven't already, here are some tips to help you winterize your car.

The weather may be frightful,But New Year's Eve will be delightful if you would just like to stay in and win some cool prizes bar Express Energy Services Digital New Year's Eve Party.


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