Tiger King star Joe Exotic, who is currently serving time in federal prison, revealed that he has an "aggressive [form of] cancer."

On Wednesday (Nov. 3), Exotic (real name Joseph Allen Schreibvogel) tweeted a photo of a handwritten letter to his fans. In the note, he shared that he recently underwent a biopsy of his prostate and that doctors subsequently diagnosed him with an "aggressive" form of prostate cancer.

"Right now I don’t want anyone’s pity and I’m sure Carole [Baskin] will have her own party over this. What I need is the world to be my voice to be released. They have the proof I DID NOT DO THIS! And there is no reason for the district attorney to drag this out," Exotic wrote.

The Tiger King star added that his goal now is to go home and undergo treatment so he can "enjoy what life I have left with my loved ones."

See his full message, below:

Speaking to CNN, Exotic's attorney John M. Phillips shared that they are currently waiting on the results of another test and that Exotic has been "undergoing medical treatment and tests for a host of issues."

"The PSA test is a blood test used primarily to screen for prostate cancer. It was high. He finally obtained biopsies. They revealed cancer. Medical care is different in a prison environment and fewer options are available," Phillips told the outlet.

Exotic first made his cancer diagnosis public back in May when he attempted to seek a pardon from President Joe Biden. In August, he told The Sun that he believed the cancer had spread to his pelvis and that he was waiting on test results to determine if he should undergo treatment or not.

In 2019, Exotic was convicted of a murder-for-hire plot against rival animal attraction owner Carole Baskin, along with multiple counts of animal abuse. Exotic was originally sentenced to 264 months, or 22 years, in prison. However, the U.S. 10th Circuit Court of Appeals vacated his prison sentence upon appeal. He is currently awaiting re-sentencing.

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