Thor: Ragnarok is still almost a full month away from opening. But Marvel clearly thinks they’ve got a hit on their hands, because they’ve already started showing the film, the third in the Thor franchise, to critics. The embargo on tweets lifted late last night, resulting in an onslaught of early reactions. And the first wave of comments were, on the whole, extremely positive. Critics loved director Taika Waititi’s off-beat sense of humor and new cast additions Jeff Goldblum and Tessa Thompson. They consistently called the film the best Thor yet.

When they had complaints, critics mostly focused on the film’s uneven first act, and the fact that as a light and pleasurable trifle, Thor: Ragnarok is just a very entertaining piece of escapism and not much else. Of course, there are worse things in the world than being a very fun movie. Here’s a selection of the tweets, roughly from most to least positive:

Thor Ragnarok

Overall, not the most positive reviews (no one is calling it one of the best Marvel movies, just the best Thor, which is a very different thing), but still mostly positive. Fun times with Thor and Hulk and Jeff Goldblum? We’ll take it. Thor: Ragnarok opens in theaters on November 3.

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