People who are not from Texas do not know why us Texans have to have anything Texas-themed.

According to the Midland Reporter-Telegram, a Reddit user recently posted that they did not understand why everything was Texas-themed.

“As soon as I crossed the [border] a large number of businesses and billboards just screamed Texas,” they posted earlier this week. “Any insight as to why?”

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Many Reddit users came to tell their reasons why, one user wrote, “I’ll bet your state doesn’t have its own pledge of allegiance for students to recite each morning.”

Another wrote, “Because anything Oklahoma themed would just be stupid now wouldn't it?”

I am also guilty of the Texas-themed stuff as well, I have a couple of road signs I had custom made that have the design of the farm road signs all over texas with my birth year and the year I graduated, I have a Texas shaped tattoo with the state flag design inside the state and an oil rig by the side of it as shown below.

Chaser Images
Chaser Images

I have also indulged in Texas shaped chips, sandwiches, cookies, and Texas-themed drinks.

It is a pride thing for all of us born under the Lone Star flag, we are the only state that was a former Republic that can still secede from the Union at anytime that we choose, California gave up their right as a Republic to secede when they agreed to become a state.

So it is just a pride kind of thing that if you are not from Texas, you just wouldn't understand.


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