Today November 12th 2015, I am thankful for...


We've all heard the saying life is precious, and we have all taken that saying for granted.

Not too many people outside my family know that I am adopted.  That is a choice for life that my birthmother made and I am thankful for it.

Science will tell us that the universe is teaming with life. The fact that they can offer absolutely no evidence to support that theory doesn't deter them. After all, if there were billions and billions of planets that could support life and of those billions of planets, billions had civilizations on them that we're capable of faster than light travel or even communications, we would see or hear some signs of them in the universe, wouldn't we?

But what do we see? We see the universe where the conditions for life are hostile. We see no radio communications between civilizations. We see no Dyson Spheres. We see nothing but twinkling bits of light, we hear nothing but static.

While on earth everywhere we turn we see life. In the top of the stratosphere to the bottoms of the oceans we see life. In temperatures below freezing and above the boiling point, we see life.

Science would like us to think that we are not the center of the universe. They would like us to think there is nothing special about life or creation, they say it happens everywhere all the time. But that's not what the evidence says.

So the next time you look up at the stars just remember that no one has ever found life up there. Then bring your eyes back to earth, look into a mirror and see something that only exists on this planet, you.

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