The Walking Dead’ season 3 shambles out its tenth entry with Sunday’s “Home,” but how does it hold up to the comic book continuity?  The conflict between Woodbury and the prison rages as the Governor makes a deadly assault on the facility, while Rick continues trying to work through his recent breakdown, and Glenn steps up in leadership.  So, what’s next for ‘The Walking Dead’ as the season continues?

As AMC's incarnation weaves in and out of storylines from the books and adds its own original characters and developments, we've compiled an in-depth guide for fans of the comic as well as AMC's ‘The Walking Dead’ to enjoy! Check it all the comparisons we found, and let us know your thoughts on ‘The Walking Dead’ season 3 episode 10 “Home" in the comments below!

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    Michonnes New Digs, With a View of Rick

    AMC: Despite Rick’s earlier intent to evict Michonne from the prison immediately after her recovery, Michonne seems to have taken to the overturned bus in the prison yard as her new nesting grounds. From her perch, she spies Rick running all about the prison compound, chasing after his vision of Lori that no one else can see.

    THE COMICS: As we’ve mentioned previously, it took the comic Michonne far less time to earn the trust and appreciation of Rick’s group, who had little problem letting her settle in the prison at the start. Worth noting however, is that the comic Rick and Michonne would eventually come to bond over their respective delusions, as Rick happened upon Michonne imagining a conversation with her dead boyfriend (previously one of her walkers), and revealed the telephone conversations he’d been sharing with Lori.

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    Rick's Mental State

    AMC: Far from isolated incidents, Rick has now taken to seeing visions of Lori all around the prison, even managing to get so close as to touch them. When Hershel confronts him later, he admits to their being hallucinations, but weakly insists they must have some purpose.

    THE COMICS: Rick certainly had plenty of grief to work through following Lori’s death, and took to the afformentioned phone conversations, but never broke so hard as to wander about the prison chasing after an imaginary figure. Instead, Rick had several explosions of anger and violence that caused the others to question his leadership.

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    Is Andrea the New Governor?

    AMC: Following her impassioned speech to calm the townspeople of Woodbury, Andrea receives a visit from the Governor asking him to assume a leadership role in his stead, one she doesn’t exactly feel herself qualified for. Given the Governor’s later actions attacking the prison, it remains to be seen how much truth his words held.

    THE COMICS: A much less gentle man, the comic Governor never had any thoughts of stepping down from his leadership position, despite going into a small seclusion following his battle with Michonne. The comic Andrea never actually met the Governor, but later grew into something of a leadership position with Rick in the town of Alexandria.

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    Glenn's Battle Plan

    AMC: Still looking to take vengeance on the Governor, Glenn decisively steps up in Rick’s absence and plots the best strategy to deal with the Governor’s inevitable retaliation, suggesting that he and Michonne could easily end the conflict by sneaking back into Woodbury to assassinate the tyrant.

    THE COMICS: Not only was the Glenn of the comics far more passive, but the character took very little part in any battles against the Governor and his forces, even during his incarceration in Woodbury. By contrast, the TV character’s proposal to Michonne resembles Michonne’s own suggestion to Tyreese that they sneak out amid the conflict, and stealthily take down as many men as possible, potentially even the Governor himself.

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    No Security in Prison

    AMC: Noting how easy it was for Tyreese and his group to infiltrate the prison, Glenn and Carl look to assess the structural damage to the complex that enables walkers to freely enter. Later, the pair return insistent that the prison has a nigh-irreparable vulnerability the Governor might take advantage of.

    THE COMICS: Apart from the initial troubles clearing out the walkers in the prison, Rick’s group never had to deal with such a threat, as the prison was secure on all sides, with no damage to the surrounding fences. The stability was partly the reason the Governor even had eyes on the prison, to keep his own people more secure.

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    Glenn and Maggie Growing Apart

    AMC: Both traumatized by their ordeal in Woodbury, Maggie increasingly spurns Glenn and any efforts to go into detail about the Governor’s sexual abuse. Resenting that he even needed to know, the pair continue to be in dire straights.

    THE COMICS: Following Glenn’s return from Woodbury, his and Maggie’s relationship grew much stronger by contrast. Not only were the pair relieved Glenn survived at all, but Glenn began digging amongst the corpses for a little circle of trust he could give to his beloved Maggie!

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    Speaking of Couples...Axel and Carol?

    AMC: Spending increasingly more time with Carol, Axel reveals that he was actually incarcerated for armed robbery, albeit a charge made worse by the police discovery of his brother’s gun, which was then pinned on him. As the two work around the prison, Axel continues trying to charm the woman, despite his earlier comments about her hair.

    THE COMICS: Not only does Axel’s confession about the armed robbery bring his TV character in line with the comics, but the paper Axel too was quite the horndog. Not only did he once spy on Lori and Carol in the prison shower, but also had a brief tryst with a still-living Patricia at the height of the Woodbury assault.

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    Rick and Hershel

    AMC: Understanding of Rick’s breakdown following the death of his wife, Hershel attempts to coax Rick back to reality, and return to the leadership position before Glenn makes a fatal mistake with his vengeance against the Governor.

    THE COMICS: Rick and Hershel were never particularly close within the books, but rather TV Hershel seems to fill the position of wisdom that the still-living Dale maintained. Following one of Rick’s outburst against Tyreese, Dale was the one to sit Rick down and inform him of the group’s worries about his stability, and that they’d be taking him out of a leadership position among the survivors.

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    Axel, We Hardly Knew Ye

    AMC: Mid-sentence with Carol, Axel is struck the temple (heh, Lew Temple) by a sniper bullet from the Governor, before his body is riddled with bullets while Carol desperately uses the former convict as a human shield. So much for the prisoners!

    THE COMICS: Comic Axel too died in an assault from Woodbury, struck square in the forehead by an errant bullet. Admittedly, the comic Governor only made one major assault on the prison, fought in a series of battles. Speaking of which…

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    Assault on the Prison, Part 1

    AMC: Looking to retaliate against Rick’s earlier invasion of Woodbury, the Governor opens fire upon the prison from multiple points, and orders a van loaded with walkers to barrel through the prison gates and release its cargo, significantly weakening the prison’s defenses. Having made his point, the Governor and his men pull back and return to Woodbury.

    THE COMICS: Thouch a few Woodbury soldiers performed reconnaissance on the survivors at the prison, the comic Governor only made one continued assault on the prison, done in several increments. In particular, the Governor was intitially careful not to damage the surrounding fence structure, hoping to take over the prison and move his own people in. By the end of the long battle, the Governor had a tank roll over the fences in desperation, though the assault eventually proved unsuccessful.

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    Just in the Nick of Time!

    AMC: Just as Rick seems to be pinned down by the walkers that the Governor released into the prison, Daryl and Merle arrive at the last moment to help turn the tide of the battle and save Rick’s life. It remains to be seen exactly how Rick will handle Merle’s presence, but it might have been curtains altogether had Daryl not showed up when he did.

    THE COMICS: Though Daryl and Merle have no comic counterparts, Andrea returned at a crucial moment during the Woodbury assault, saving Rick’s life. Dale and Andrea had previously taken several of the weaker prison survivors elsewhere in the RV, making the return all that more welcome in the desperate battle.