Tonight (April 15) marked the first battle round on Season 4 of 'The Voice,' where the coaches pit members of their teams against one another. Each coach has two steals again this season, so they can pick up the castoffs. Shakira used both her steals tonight, while Blake Shelton used one and Usher used none, but only because he was rejected. Two steals were from Adam Levine's ditches, while one was used for an Usher castoff. It's getting dramatic on Season 4!


BATTLE: Amber Carrington vs. Sasha Allen: Levine chose Pink's big ballad 'Try' for these two belters. Amber, a country singer, lacked confidence, but her "flowy" voice was better suited to the song, while Allen, who has more experience and turned four chairs, over-thought the melody and more. They both did a stellar job, so Levine had the toughest of choices.  [AMBER WINS!]

BATTLE: Judith Hill vs. Karina Iglesias: The two alpha females battled on 'It's a Man's, Man's, Man's World,' and it was a belter battle for the ages. It was epic, and ironic, since two women were owning a song about the world being the playground of dudes. Hill, a former backup singer for Michael Jackson, ended up prevailing. [JUDITH WINS!]


BATTLE: Holly Tucker vs. Michelle Raitzin: Shelton has not won the show with a country artist, so Holly wants to be that contestant for him. She and Raitzin did battle with Carrie Underwood's smash hit 'Blown Away.' It's a song built on anger, and Shelton wanted Tucker to show that side of her, since we already know she has a capable voice as she was a four-chair turn around. Shelton was not proud of this girls; he was sick to his stomach since he didn't want to choose. He said it was a dead heat for him and he chose Holly since country music is what he does best. [HOLLY WINS!]

STEAL: While Usher chose to keep Jess Kellner during her battle with Taylor Beckham (see below), Blake swooped in and stole Beckham, a former Olympic hopeful. She was welling up with tears, thinking she was going home, but at the last second, Shelton piped up, saying, "I like Taylor!" and stole her.

BATTLE: Christian Porter vs. The Swan Brothers: Quirky singer Christian Porter went up against the duo the Swan Brothers for Tom Petty's 'I Won't Back Down.' Porter was at a disadvantage, since he was outnumbered. But they ended up sounding like a three-piece band. Blake opted to stick with what he knows and chose the Bros. Swan, since they are more country. [THE SWAN BROTHERS WIN!]


BATTLE: Jess Kellner vs. Taylor Beckham: Usher pitted two similar singers against one another for his first battle round ever. The ladies got their soul on with Amy Winehouse's 'You Know I'm No Good.' It was surprisingly underwhelming on both their parts, which shocked us, since Kellner's warmth and velvety richness wowed us during her blind audition. Usher Raymond even said that neither lady came out and killed it. He is not sugar coating anything. [JESS WINS!]


STEAL: Shakira stole Sasha Allen out from under Adam's nose, battling Usher for her talents in the "steal" portion. Sasha went with her gut and chose Shakira to help learn some of those sexy moves.

BATTLE: Garrett Gardner vs. J-Sun: They were tasked with singing the Heavy's throwback-y, somewhat vintage 'How You Like Me Now?' Garrett is a rock dude, while J-Sun has sweet, R&B tonality to his voice, yet is 10 years older and more experienced. But on paper, one seemed to have an edge, and that was Garrett. It was an epic battle, with Garrett using his rock-honed charisma and J-Sun turned it up, letting his rasp dominate the performance. Shak acknowledged how tough of a decision it was, saying, "I should have never taken this job." Usher said it felt like a sermon up on the stage, with J-Sun winning, in his opinion. Shakira indulged her soft spot and picked the G-man. [GARRETT WINS!]

STEAL: Shakira stole Karina Iglesias from Team Adam. Shak said that she was haunted by the fact that she did not turn her chair around for Iglesias during the blind auditions. She rectified that problem tonight!

Tune in tomorrow to see how the next set of battle rounds go.