Tonight (April 16) marked the second night of battle rounds on ‘The Voice,’ and Usher pitted California stud Josiah Hawley and singer-songwriter Jeff Lewis against each other. The duo’s heated rendition of the Police’s ‘Roxanne’ presented their coach with a very tough decision.

“The audience seemed to love it,” remarked Shakira, but she went on to say that she wasn’t impressed with their performance. “Maybe another choice of song would’ve helped you a little more,” she suggested. Adam Levine agreed that it fell flat and they both over sang, but if push came to shove, he would have to choose Hawley.

“I thought it did exactly what battle rounds are designed to do – it’s supposed to separate the two of you,” argued Blake Shelton. “Josiah looks like a rock star. He borrowed one of Adam’s t-shirts; he’s just got that thing…but for me, vocally, I’ve gotta give this to Jeff.”

“It’s really an emotional song; you really have to feel the pain,” said Usher. Ultimately, he overruled Shelton's opinion and went with Hawley, who showed the most dedication and improvement during rehearsals.

What did you think of tonight’s battle round? Does this model/singer have what it takes to win this season of 'The Voice?'