If you need proof that the Vamps were ready for summer, look no further than their 'Somebody to You' video! The track -- which features Demi Lovato -- is upbeat, breezy and totally perfect for the warmer weather.

The guys soak up the sun, playing soccer, goofing around and, of course, rocking out on the beach. The song is totally sweet and the sun-drenched video makes us want to be on the water like, now. Demi's incredible voice complements the Vamps' and together, the musicians sound amazing.

Naturally, when the sun goes down, the party heats up. The guys play for an enthusiastic audience of dancing fans, leading them to clap their way through the chorus.

While this video doesn't have the all-night rager feel of 'Last Night,' it has a certain sweetness and a catchy vibe that makes us want to watch it again and again.

Check out the Vamps 'Somebody to You' featuring Demi Lovato in the video above!

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