If you are looking for the best burrito in Midland-Odessa, there are plenty of places for you to go and get a great one.

  1. Jumburrito - My favorite at Jumburrito is the stew meat burrito with avocado. It is especially great if you are having a bad day, this burrito will also get you back in a good mood and fill your belly. Jumburrito has several locations in Midland and Odessa.
  2. Taco Villa - The best burrito at Taco Villa is the ham and egg breakfast burrito with extra cheese. the second-best burrito is the bean burrito with extra cheese and sour cream, now that is good eatin'!! Taco Villa has several locations in both Midland and Odessa.
  3. Oscar's Super Burrito - pretty much anything you get at Oscar's is good. They have great breakfast burritos as well as lunch and dinner burritos. If you don't know where Oscar's is, it is located at 4306 Neely in Midland.
  4. El Burrito is also a great place to get a great breakfast burrito or a lunch or dinner burrito. El Burrito also has the best nachos in town, so get you a burrito and some nachos and make it a fiesta!! El Burrito is located on Big Spring St. on the northside of downtown Midland.
  5. La Burreria - This is a great place to get a burrito as well, they have two locations in Odessa, one at 2511 N. County Rd. West and the other at 3600 Billy Hext Rd. at Eastridge. They have probably the biggest burritos in the Permian Basin and offer breakfast burritos as well as lunch and dinner burritos.

There are your offerings for the best burritos in Midland/Odessa.

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