Dwayne Johnson’s new movie sounds pretty bananas, mostly because it involves a giant mutated gorilla going on a, well, rampage with two other oversized beasts. The Rock recently revealed the synopsis of Rampage, which has officially begun production, and here’s some good news: there’s going to be a lot of motion capture.

What with all these movies about primates coming out recently, it’s a great time to be a motion-capture actor who also specializes in the movement of the great apes. One of the main characters of Rampage is George, a gorilla who is infected by evil scientists with a serum, which makes him grow to a truly ridiculous size and gives him an urge to inflict property damage. Along with a similarly modified alligator and wolf, the three terrorize a city, and only Dwayne Johnson can stop them. He shared an Instagram from the set of the film, in which motion capture specialist Jason Liles (The Conjuring 2, Men in Black 3) is all suited up to become George.

If you’ve ever gotten into one of those falling-down-a-YouTube-hole urges, might I recommend videos of motion capture actors pretending to be apes? Terry Notary, who stars as a number of creatures in the Planet of the Apes movies, has a great video in which he explains the different mannerisms that go along with each species, all while wearing one of those gray morphsuits.

Unfortunately, Johnson doesn’t have to put on a motion-capture suit and run around pretending to be a monkey for this movie, as far as we know. We can still hope.

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