Do you want the perfect summer job? Do you like tacos? Want to travel all across Texas? Well, a well-known company is looking for you.

According to the Midland Reporter-Telegram, The job is being offered by Favor and they are looking for a Chief Taco Officer to travel around Texas and taste tacos from all over the state.

The CTO will get $10,000 for the duration of the role and has plenty of perks that go along with it.

The role will last through June and July and the perks will be free food, accommodations, transportation, free Favor delivery for a year, "customized" swag from the company, and the "summer experience of a lifetime."

If you get the job, the CTO will spend 48 hours in each city where you "can visit the sights, shop, and meet up with friends."

The only requirement is you must get a Favor-provided taco delivery from a "variety of restaurants" for "at least two meal times" during your stay in each place.

As CTO you will also be required to review your taco meals with photos, journal entries, and videos and send them to Favor for them to share across social media outlets.

To apply you will need to submit a short video detailing why you would be the best CTO and why you are excited about the job.

Then you will need to post that video to TikTok or Instagram reels tagging @Favor and using the hashtag #FavorDreamJob.

Then complete an application form and provide the link to the video you recorded.

CTO Application is on the Favor website and the deadline to apply is May 12, 2022.



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