Despite all the upheaval and changes behind the scenes of Warner Bros. Discovery, it appears (key word appears) that HBO Max is still moving ahead with a television show starring the version of the DC villain the Penguin, as played by Colin Farrell in the recent movie The BatmanFarrell himself recently said he had read the script for the premiere episode and described the whole show as very “unusual.” (Well, yeah. Not too many television shows about comic-book super-villains!)

As for when we can expect this show, HBO Max head of originals Sarah Aubrey told Variety that the series takes place “immediately after the end of The Batman” and before the events of the planned big-screen The Batman sequel. She added:

The show will come out in between the two movies. Now beyond that, it’s fun for the audience to know that it will be a bridge between the two, but the actual release date, I’m not at liberty to say.

Warner Bros.

In The Batman, Oswald Cobblepot runs the Iceberg Lounge, a Gotham City nightclub affiliated with the Falcone crime family. Rather than squawking like a bird and zapping Batman with gimmicked umbrellas, he’s more of a scheming underworld figure. Not that there’s anything wrong with being a squawking, umbrella-waving super-villain if that’s who you are. This was just a different, darker take on the character, as pretty much everything in The Batman was.

HBO Max has yet to announce and official release date for their Penguin series or The Batman 2. 

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