Hall-Bennett Memorial Hospital in Big Spring at one time was the only hospital in town, and even after Scenic Mountain Medical Center was built, the hospital stayed open for a while.

Once the hospital shut down, the building was used for several years as an office building for the Big Spring Hospital Corporation, but eventually closed down and no one used the building for so many years that it fell to disrepair and in 2013 it had a fire break out in the north wing of the building (the wing on the right in the picture above) and once it was put out, the historic building was boarded up more securely.

The building was built in 1928 and I can remember walking the halls of the hospital for many years because back in the 60s, there were not very many good doctors in Midland and my mom trusted the doctors that she had known all her life, so the doctor that delivered my mother also delivered me, and the pediatrician that was at Hall-Bennett was my doctor till I became a teenager.

This was not ideal because anytime I got sick we would have to drive 40 miles to Big Spring to go see the doctor, which was located in the north wing of the hospital where all the doctors' offices were located.

The latest that I have read is that someone has bought the building and it is currently under renovations. The new owner is preparing to open the historic building as an office building again.


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