There is a dangerous, growing problem on the streets of Odessa: Street Racing. Wednesday, the City announced they would be doing something about it.

Odessa Mayor David Turner told NewsWest 9 that if you speed on city streets, you could be sitting in jail.

"Honestly by word of mouth. When the first few get thrown in jail, they will tell their friends who will say I'm not doing it in the city. That's what we want to hear," Odessa Mayor, David Turner. "When our citizens drive down the streets, they need to be safe. They need to know that this issue is being addressed," Turner said.

"Anybody driving over 25 miles per hour would simply be arrested for reckless driving. If it's 25 or less, they would receive a citation," Corporal Steve LeSueur with Odessa Police

There have been over 75 arrests for reckless driving and racing in Odessa this year.

If you are caught racing, you could be seeing up to 90 days in jail and fines up to $200.00. We'll be featuring bad drivers and street racers on Braking Bad

(NewsWest 9)