Last night Mr. McSteamy took his shirt off five seconds into the start of the show! Amen! Last night's Bachelor was full of sassy, sexy and creepy women. It never fails that the first one on one date is a 'trust' date. Let's zip line down a building and toast with champagne! The first one on one date was given to Sarah. She has to be one of the sweetest girls! She ended up locking lips with Mr. McSteamy!  Yes, Sarah has only one arm, but who cares! She is still a hugger!


I love when it is time for the group date. Every single woman wants to shine.  Last night the 'romance' was heating up with dressing up for Harlequin Books cover shoot. Thank you for taking Sean's shirt off! Amen. I would buy that book cover! So who won the 'challenge'? Of course the model did!


Finally we have a one on one date that seems normal! I did feel bad for Desiree and the art prank, but at least it was entertaining to watch! At one point back at Mr. McSteamy's pad I think they were doing the dishes together! I always say a 'Clean Kitchen is a Happy Kitchen'. Desiree is the front runner and I say a top three candidate!

Update: Colorado Girl Tierra, She is evil, evil, evil and looks like she out to win this game and not Mr.McSteamy! She is not making any friends and looks like she takes a tumble next episode!

Big question of the night: Who the heck is Amanda, and why is she so FAKE?