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You may think it's hard attempting to find shoes that fit well and are comfortable, but your struggles probably aren't anywhere close to those of Tanya Herbert, who has broken the Guinness World Record for "largest feet on a living female".

Herbert, of Houston, recently earned the title after a woman named Julie Felton in the United Kingdom held the title for three years. According to the Houston Chronicle, Herbert typically has to wear a U.S. women's  size 18 shoe or a men's size 16-17.

If you were wondering, the world record for men is a man from Venezuela who wears a U.S. size 26.

As one can imagine, it can be tough for Herbert to find the right shoes.

In an interview with Guinness, Herbert said that shopping for shoes has always been a challenge and she now shops for them exclusively online. For much of her life, the only kinds of shoes that she could find in her size were men's shoes. "Going to the stores was out of the question," she said. "None of the stores I've ever been to have carried a men's size 16 let alone a women's size 18."

The Houston Chronicle also reported that Herbert is tall, just 3 inches shorter than the world's tallest living woman. Herbert is 6 ft. 9 inches tall, and she never played any sports, instead she just focused on school and education.

According to the Houston Chronicle, Herbert does want to use the world record as a platform to encourage companies to carry a larger range of sizes at better prices.

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