The Chancellor's Spurs are up for grabs again this Saturday--Red Raiders fans can hear the game on Lonestar 92.3, UT Longhorns fans catch all the action on 99.9 K-BAT! Pregame is 10am, kick-off is at 11! Every weekend when I walk my dog on Saturday mornings, I see my neighborhood is filled with flags and lawn decorations from both teams. There are even a couple of houses that have both flags flying--houses divided no doubt. Texas Tech is 3-0, while the Longhorns at 2-1. It will be a good game any way you slice it--and we all know what everyone in Texas will be doing this Saturday morning after breakfast. It's a good thing the Cowboys don't play the Eagles til Monday night--everyone will need Sunday for weekend chores after church because they'll all be in the house or out at an establishment enjoying some beverages on Saturday watching the game!

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So do the grocery shopping early and get all the snacks and grilling plans taken care of on Friday so you're not running around at the last minute--and have your radios tuned in to either 99.9 if you're a UT fan, or 92.3 if you're a Raider backer....

The teams have been meeting in battle every year since 1960, and the Longhorns are way ahead in the win-loss column at 52-17 vs Tech ever since. This Saturday's game will be in Austin on Longhorns home turf so we'll see how things unfold, and who walks away victorious with the trophy! Brought to you by R & R Construction And Equipment Rentals…. And Tradewinds Apartments-Affordable Living In Midland! Tradewinds APTS dot com

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