Texas is going to make it easier for us to purchase electric cars by putting charging stations every 50 miles on most interstates that are in Texas.

According to the Texas Tribune, the state has $408 million in federal funds from the Biden Administration and the state of Texas wants to build enough charging stations to support over a million electric vehicles.

TxDOT has got a five-year plan to create a charging network across the state beginning with interstates and then putting some in rural areas with a plan to put charging stations at least every 50 miles on non-business interstates.

Along other roads, the plan is to have charging stations every 70 miles with multiple stalls so there will be one available when people stop to charge.

The funds are from the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act passed by Congress last year, this government funding will make it possible for Texas not to use any state funds for the charging network.

The goal nationally is to have a half-million reliable electric vehicle chargers in operation by 2030.

Texas will also receive $35.4 billion over the next five years to use on roads, bridges, pipes, ports, broadband access, and other projects.

Right now, Texas only has 1% of residents who have registered as having an electric vehicle according to a TxDOT report, I will be one of those Texans in the next few years.

“Since 2020, the total number of electric vehicles across Texas has nearly tripled as more people adopt the technology,” TxDOT stated in its report. “With rapidly growing adoption rates, it is necessary to ensure Texas will be able to meet the demand of these new vehicles on the road.”

So with gas prices still on the rise and no relief in sight, I will be planning an electric vehicle for my next vehicle.

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