Everybody hates those robocalls you get daily. Well, a Texas man has made over $100,000 suing telemarketers and tells you how simple it is for you to do the same.

According to the Midland Reporter-Telegram, Dan Graham is a financial accounting consultant based right here in Texas. After screaming at a telemarketer last year over the phone, Graham decided that was not a healthy thing to do.

Graham decided he would flip the script and make those telemarketers start paying him. He says he has filed over 50 lawsuits about illegal robocalls and has won more than $100,000 and wants to let others know how they can make money from the telemarketers instead of the other way around.

Graham says his lawsuits are not about the money, but it is about getting companies with intrusive calling practices to take more accountability for what they do.

Graham started a YouTube channel to explain his strategy.

"Not only are [robocallers] breaking the law and just harassing people but oftentimes they're tied to these products and things that take advantage of people," says Graham. "I think it's easy to forget how heinous this actually gets. What ends up happening is the people that are the most vulnerable are the ones that get caught up and robbed."

You, too, can get those robocallers to pay you, but unfortunately, Graham says, the calls have not slowed down, so don't think that they will stop right away, but if more people do what he does to make them pay for their practices, they could go away in a few years.

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