Those who have defaulted on their student loans and were turned down on renewing their work licenses may be getting help from Texas lawmakers soon.

According to the Texas Tribune, the Legislature's most conservative members are saying changes should be made to a statute that bars those that are in default on student loans from renewing their professional licenses.

State Rep Matt Schafer who is chairman of the House Freedom Caucus said in a statement this week: “Next session the Legislature needs to address this issue head on and ensure that Texans who can’t pay student loans aren’t further crippled by government actions. Students should be responsible for repaying their debts, but taking away one’s ability to earn money in a licensed profession only exacerbates the problem.”

Thousands of teachers, nurses, and other professional license holders in the state are at risk each year of losing their license and jobs because they are in default on their student loans.

Officials say the issue will be addressed in the next legislative session.

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