Well Texas has been going through a freeze that while we thought we were prepared for, it turns out most of us simply had to wait at home. For some of us, we had to stay home and just watch the weather report. Other braved the roads and were able to work.

While some worked however, there were other that played around in the snow, or took advantage of the ice to simply have some type of fun in an situation where were it seemed we were stuck. Now, who took the most advantage of the ice and snow, and who had to deal with woes of traveling on ice?

Texans And The Jan-Feb Freeze Of 2023

First let's look at the one thing many probably feared before the snow and ice even began to fall: travel. Icy roads are nothing to make fun of. But what about icy runways?

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That's what happened at the Dallas-Fort Worth Airport. Planes taking on snow in Texas? It happened:

Just look at that. A rather rare sight in the south. Some decided to tune in watch weather reports and...get mad at the weathermen and women?

Listen, there's no good reason to after a weather reporter ok? They're trying to help us out! But let's look at the more fun moments shall we?

Driving Or Playing In Snow Can Be Both Fun And Dangerous

Walking around on ice? Don't forget it's slippery!

Also remember, bouncing on an icey trampoline doesn't always go as planned:

While driving was certainly an event where going slow was encouraged, there were other ways to get where you needed to go:

Some Texans though? Just wanted to do donuts around a flagpole:

Regardless, we hope everyone was safe and sound during this weather event.

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