Gyms reopened yesterday (May 18, 2020) in Texas and many Texans had to encounter long lines to get fit.

According to NewsWest 9, it is possibly because of new guidelines some gyms are requiring where each person will have to have a temperature check before going in.

Once you get in then you will notice the gym looks a little different with cardio machines spread out farther and some machines covered up or taped off.

"We have taken some equipment out of service so that people can stay away from each other whether they're doing a bench press or running on a treadmill," said Lisa Jebsen, Health and Wellness Director, Midland YMCA.

Each individual gym across the state will have to implement their own measures to keep people apart, but most gyms will be closing pools and locker rooms to practice social distancing guidelines.

"We won't have locker rooms available, the pool is closed and these are all based on what our governor has told us we're allowed to do, but our doors will be open and you can come in and get a great workout," said Jebsen.

Just remember to expect some delays and possibly a long line to get your fitness on.

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