Last month, an insurance provider for people working overseas released a report on the most stressed states in the U.S., and Texas came out on top.

According to the Midland Reporter-Telegram, Texas was followed closely by Montana and New Mexico.

The report looked at all 50 states and ranked them in areas such as cleanliness, air quality, financial stress, LGBTQ+ safety, and suicide rates.

Texas had an LGBTQ+ safety rating of 4.1%, a suicide rate of 13.4 per 100,000, and a cost of living index of 93.

Texas had the highest score for CO2 emissions because of the numerous oilfields and refinery exhaust put out which adds up to approximately 290 million metric tons.

"One of the biggest contributing factors to stress in the U.S. is air pollution, which varies considerably by state," the report reads. "Texas ranks in the worst five states for average air quality index, with a daily level of 23.7."

The complete ranking of all 50 states is as follows:

1.    Texas
2.    Montana
3.    New Mexico
4.    Idaho
5.    Missouri
6.    Utah
7.    North Dakota
8.    Iowa
9.    Tennessee
10.    New Hampshire
10.    South Dakota
12.    Kansas
13.    Illinois
14.    Wyoming
15.    Oklahoma
16.    Alabama
17.    Indiana
17.    Arkansas
19.    Ohio
20.    Maryland
20.    Louisiana
22.    South Carolina
22.    Arizona
24.    Pennsylvania
24.    Colorado
26.    Kentucky
27.    Nebraska
28.    Rhode Island
29.    Mississippi
30.    West Virginia
31.    Michigan
32.    Minnesota
33.    North Carolina
34.    Virginia
35.    Wisconsin
35.    Alaska
37.    Nevada
38.    Massachusetts
39.    Connecticut
40.    Georgia
41.    Oregon
42.    New York
43.    Hawaii
44.    California
45.    New Jersey
46.    Florida
47.    Maine
48.    Washington
49.    Vermont
50.    Delaware

So if you want to move to a state with less stress and less land area move to Delaware.

I would be more stressed if I lived there in the winter with all the snow.


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