While Texas keeps missing ... ignoring ... the pot train, other states are on board and Las Vegas, (of course, who else?), is taking things to a higher level.

There are a number of cool places Texans can travel to for a relaxing, "not gonna get arrested today" ganja getaway. For El Pasoans, New Mexico is just a stones ... or, would that be "stoners" ... throw away and dispensaries in NM abound. (Jeez ... there are 3 or 4 in freakin' Chaparral alone.)

Yes, recreational marijuana is legal in New Mexico and yes, New Mexico has a Las Vegas. No offense but the Nevada Vegas is WAY cooler and that's where Texas Tokers will soon find a very cool place to wake and bake.

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If you want to get farther away than NM but aren't feeling California or Colorado, Vegas is now an option. It's probably the best one to be honest.

I mean, c'mon ... in addition to its smoker friendly status, other Sin City mota-vations include gambling, 24 hour alcohol sales, the crazy beauty of the strip and constant concerts and shows.

Variety Of Recessionary Forces Leave Las Vegas Economy Scarred
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On top of that, they'll soon have their first cannabis friendly hotel. I already love this place and it's not even open yet. I swear they designed it with me in mind, look:

  • The new hotel will be called "The Lexi" which is my daughters name. Point.
  • The Lexi will have a special "pool party season". I love swimming, 2nd point.
  • The Lexi will have a Cajun-themed steakhouse. I LOVE Cajun food...and steak. 'Nuther point.

The 4th floor will be the designated hotel hot box and I can't wait to help break it in. I wonder if they'll charge extra to stay in room 420...

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