We created the '2nd Chance Prom' for people just like you; someone who didn't have the prom of their dreams. Whether that was getting handcuffed by state troopers, having drinks thrown in your face, dress mishaps, stolen purses, or a crazy woman setting fire to the place with her telekinetic powers, we want to hear your story!

There's some cringe worthy prom stories out there and we want to hear them! For example, you might have experienced a prom nightmare like AllyM as submitted to Jezebell.com:

Shellfish Whims

My junior year I went all out, an expensive dress, limo, dinner at a really nice seafood restaurant... Little did I know that was going to be the night my body decided to become allergic to shellfish. I had shrimp for dinner (I LOVED shrimp and never had a problem eating it before) and shortly after I started to feel sick. I shook it off though because hey, it was prom! When we arrived at the convention center I started to feel worse, my stomach hurt and I was starting to get really warm and itchy. As I started to scratch my neck I felt a lump about the size of an egg at the base of my skull. It was also at about this point that all of my friends noticed that I was the color of a tomato. It all went downhill from here. I developed hives so bad that they covered my entire body within minutes and shortly after I started having trouble breathing and my face started to swell. All of this happened in the entry way to the ballroom where everyone had to go to hand in their tickets and get pictures taken. Suffice to say, I had a pretty hefty crowd (practically the entire Junior and Senior class) watch as I blew up like a red balloon and had to be carted out on a stretcher in front of everyone. When I got to the hospital I got to have my beautiful, expensive dress cut off of me and I spent the rest of the night hooked up to IVs as my friends danced the night away.

You can email your prom nightmare story to us or post it in the 'comments' section below. One lucky winner and a guest will get a 2nd chance at the prom May 23rd at the Midland Center, on us!



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