Imagine being a teen girl and getting told that you look like Michael Jackson—not just by your friends, but by thousands of people on the internet who you don't even know.

This is exactly what happened to Lorun Elisabeth, a 17-year-old college student from Manchester, U.K.

On August 2, Elisabeth posted a selfie on Twitter with the caption, "Blame it on the boogie." What happened next was beyond what she could have possibly expected: According to The Mirror, she was flooded with more than 109,000 likes, nearly 30,000 retweets and 6,000 comments from Twitter users telling her she looks like the late King of Pop.

But instead of getting offended, upset or even taking the picture down, the teen says she found the reaction to her photo funny... and even agrees with the striking resemblance.

"My reaction to people saying this was always positive," she told the British tabloid. "I saw the funny side. I'm not one to ever be offended by something someone's said online about me, really."

Elisabeth added that "it’s quite clear that in that picture I look a lot like Michael Jackson."

"So, I guess people just ran with it and now I’m known as the 'Michael Jackson girl. So many people have been retweeting it with popular Michael Jackson lyrics, which I find hilarious," she added.

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