Teddy Sinclair (the musician formerly known as Natalia Kills) and her husband Willy Moon's apartment burned down in a fire this past weekend.

On Tuesday (May 25), Sinclair and Moon shared photos and videos from the scene of the fire on their band Cruel Youth's Instagram account.

Sinclair wrote that the destruction, which claimed most of their belongings, was caused by a raging "5 alarm gas fire that took 200 firemen and 12 hours to put out." Thankfully, the couple's dog was unharmed.

"We lost almost everything but our neighbor saved our dog Bambi and luckily we get to start over together," the couple shared on Instagram. "It’s terrifying and tragic, and after a hard year with Covid/2020 the next few months won’t be easy... but honestly I couldn’t feel any more lucky/blessed than I do right now!"

The pair concluded their post by thanking the firefighters who responded at the scene, as well as their friends and family for helping them and housing them in the interim.

See photos and videos of the fire in action, and subsequent damage, below:

The fire took place on May 22. According to the New York Post, two firefighters were sustained non-life-threatening injuries on the scene. They were transported to local hospitals to receive medical treatment.

The report noted that along with the apartment buildings, a restaurant and yoga studio were also damaged.

The FDNY told the outlet that the reason the fire took so long to put out was because the complex had outdated construction, including tin ceilings, making it harder to control the flames. The exact cause of the fire is currently under investigation.

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