Ted Cruz made a stop in Odessa on Saturday (August 25, 2018) at the South 40 Meeting Room at the Barn Door Steakhouse where a packed room welcomed him.

According to NewsWest 9, he immediately directed his speech to the late John McCain who had passed away just hours earlier stating, “He fought the Vietnam war and spent over 5 years in the 'Hanoi Hilton' being tortured for his nation. The moment that I still find the most incredible is that he was offered the opportunity to leave early, because his father was an admiral, and he concluded that it would be dishonorable. He said he would not leave the POW camp before the other prisoners who were there with him were released as well.”

After his memorial speech, questions turned to his feelings on immigration reform.

Cruz said he has already introduced legislation to keep families from being separated after they cross the border illegally.

He was also asked about school safety where he said he wants to see more law enforcement officers in schools to provide armed protection.


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