Taylor Swift channeled her inner Britney Spears for her performance at the 2012 MTV Europe Music Awards. The country crossover superstar performed in full ringleader garb for her latest rendition of 'We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together.'

Swift's getting into her pop persona more than ever. She combined her usual fun (if slightly awkward) choreography with a circus theme, similar to Spears' album, song and tour of the same name. Swifty came out onto the stage by way of a magician and fancy staging. Sporting a sparkly red jacket, top hat and her now-usual black shorts, Swift, as she's prone to do, lost her hat before the first chorus.

Instead of the usual retro-looking girls and guys supporting the perf, Swift was flanked by clowns, unicyclists and even fire eaters. Good thing she had her handy stick to keep everyone in line. At the conclusion of her set, streamers, fireworks and screams were abound.

While her choreography was nowhere near as intricate as that typical of Spears, Swift pretty much held her own, rocking those fishnets and almost-knee-high boots all over the stage. Though it's still weird to see her gyrating her hips at all, and it's unclear what the staging had to do with the song at all, it was still fun to watch T-Swizzle break out of her shell.