Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez received a lesson in nature when the two hung out over the weekend. Pretty appropriate considering it’s the highly anticipated Shark Week!

The pop stars’ lesson involved a different kind of animal, though. (Can we nominate sharks for the next video? Maybe it can be a series.) Selena posted a photo on Instagram of boisterous coyotes howling at a very bright, full moon.

“What you are witnessing,” T. Swift explains in the vid, “actually hearing, is coyotes freaking out over a full moon.”

A fuzzy moon is center-screen, and there is some pretty loud howling in the background.

“I didn’t know that was a real thing,” Taylor continued. “I thought it was just a wolf thing.” The video ends with her narration dissolving into laughter.

Apparently Selena didn’t know it was a real thing either, because she captioned the video: “Guys, that happened in real life and not just in movies.”

Nature lesson aside, we’re happy to see these two are besties again! Their friendship hit a rocky point earlier this year, reportedly because of Sel’s then on-again relationship with Justin Bieber, but after her and Taylor's reunion at the Met Gala in May we’d hoped everything was patched up. They must be back at BFF status -- who else would you giggle over howling coyotes with if not your BFF?

PopCrushers, are you glad these two hugged and made up?

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