Haylor are a looooooooong dead thing of the past, but almost a year after their split, we're still interested in anything involving Taylor Swift and One Direction's hunky Harry Styles.

Swift was spotted scoping out mansions in London, looking for a base of operations while in Europe. The catch? She looked at a dwelling just a hop, skip and a jump away from Styles' pad.

Swift was seen peeping cribs in the north west London area, not far from Styles in north London. She was with her crew in the area on Friday, Nov. 15.

A source said, "Taylor loves London and wants to live here for extended amounts of time so she's looking for a place. She saw three properties in north west London."

The insider said that T. Swizzle running into Hazza would be inevitable and a near-certainty if she snatched up property in this hood. It's that close!

The source declared, "If Taylor was to buy one of the apartments, she would almost certainly bump into Harry regularly. It's surprising that Taylor has done this. Those around her would have thought she'd do anything to avoid looking like she could be moving in on Harry again."

Something tells us her realtors would have let her know that she was encroaching on Styles' territory. Maybe she just likes the area. She hasn't dropped cash on a London locale ... yet. So let's relax people. There's no harm in looking!