Like the look of Red? In love with that bleach-blond bob? Welp, time to brace yourself for something brand new — Taylor Swift is doing something completely new before her next album drops, according to reports.

Us Weekly says that big, drastic changes are in the future for Swift, whose new single is rumored to drop this Friday. So, expect shifts in sound, look and feel — those snake videos are just the beginning.

"The single is very different. It goes from very soft, to hard, to soft again," a source told the site. "Taylor is overhauling her image."

"It doesn't sound like anything she's done before," a second source said. "It's a little unusual. She plays around with new sounds each album cycle, but this one in particular stands out."

Still, that's not to say Swift will totally abandon what fans love about her — the new single will still be something followers will love, more sources say.

“The song is poppy,” a source said, while another noted. “She’s being very secretive about it, but it’s going to be a really good one.”

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