Taylor Swift has taken to social media to announce her return to music with cryptic posts.

In true Swift fashion, on late Friday (April 12) Swift updated all of her social media profile pictures to a dreamlike cloud photograph. She also shared a cryptic countdown clock on her website and social accounts announcing that something is coming on April 26.

Her website countdown clock features a moving picture of a similar cloud with pink and blue hues. Another aspect to note is that this marks thirteen (her lucky number) days until the big day.

Notably, the date in question is on a Friday. With the music industry now primarily releasing music on "New Music Fridays," it's likely this means some sort of new music is on the way. But one thing's for sure: Swift always delivers to her fans and finds the most epic ways to excite and torture us with waiting (in the best way).

Right before launching her Reputation album promo cycle, the pop star went on a complete social media blackout before sharing imagery of snakes. During the past few months, Swift has posted a slew of images featuring a colorful, dreamlike aesthetic -- a far cry from the snakes and darker style of her 2017-2018 music era.

If this date does bring new music as fans believe, this will be the first release of Swift's music via her new record label at Universal Music Group.

Just weeks ago, fans began speculating that new music was on the horizon after Swift shared an Instagram photo of seven palm trees, which fans theorized might indicate her seventh studio album was on its way. Hopefully, April 26 will bring more details about TS7.

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