Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn shared a rare kiss at the 2020 NME Awards in London.

The notoriously private couple, who has been together for more than three years now, attended the awards show together on Wednesday (February 12), where they engaged in some sweet PDA when they thought no one was looking. Though the ceremony wasn't televised, fans in the audience captured a video of the two of them kissing.

Watch Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn kiss in the video, below:

The Twitter user also captured the couple hugging when Swift was announced as the winner of Best Solo Act, as well as another moment when they were just showing each other some love. In the vid, the pop star is seen standing next to her man as he has his arms wrapped around her. At one point, she even runs her hand through his hair.

Swift and Alwyn's rare public display affection at the NME Awards of comes just weeks after the 30-year-old opened up about her relationship in her Netflix documentary Miss Americana. In it, she discusses falling in love with the British actor and why the pair decided to keep their romance away from the public eye.

"I felt alone, I felt really bitter," the Lover hitmaker explained in the 90-minute film. "I felt sort of like a wounded animal lashing out. I figured I had to reset everything. I had to reconstruct an entire belief system for my own personal sanity. I also was falling in love with someone who had a wonderfully normal, balanced life."

"We decided together we wanted our relationship to be private," she said. "Even though it was really horrible, I was happy. But I wasn’t happy in the way I was trained to be happy. It was happiness without anyone else’s input."

"We were just... happy," Swift added.

Taylor Swift: Miss Americana is streaming on Netflix now.

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