Taylor Swift is all about being brave -- at least that's what her Keds campaign and breakthrough record, 'Fearless,' would suggest. But that doesn't mean Swift isn't scared of anything. What's she afraid of?

Swift revealed to Marie Claire that she's terrified of the following things, in this order: sea urchins, Googling herself, earwigs, cynics and getting arrested.

While we're not sure what's so fearsome about sea urchins, we don't blame her for being freaked out by earwigs -- and she's been terrified of them for some time. Watch her get freaked out about them on 'Ellen' here:

Though it seems like the thing she'd have to worry about the least, apparently the fear of getting arrested is the closest to home for Swift. She panicked about getting 'Punk'd' by her pal Justin Bieber. She revealed to Rolling Stone, "You know I had serious nightmares where I'd wake up in the middle of the night for, like, three weeks after that? I really thought that was it for me," she confessed. "I was thinking, 'Justin is 17, so he's going to juvie, but I'm going to big-girl prison."

As for Googling herself, she admitted, "I don't have thick skin. If somebody says something mean, it will hurt my feelings," she told CMT. "No, you can't Google yourself or your self esteem will just go [down]."

Don't worry, T-Swizzle. We all know deep down you're fearless.