Sweeran stans, it turns out that Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran's texts to each other are exactly as sweet as you'd expect them to be. Because of course they are.

Both superstars may be on complete opposite sides of the globe right now, with Taylor arriving in Tokyo to kick off her 1989 World Tour while Ed is busy performing sold-out shows all across the U.S. Yet they still check in with each other, because that's what all good besties do.

In fact, Taylor Instagrammed a snippet of their text exchange on Sunday night (May 3), showing the world what it is they really talk about — and it turns out that it's the same stuff that we talk about. Twinsies!

While we already knew that Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran are the two best friends that anyone could ask for (remember when Taylor made Ed a freaking Drake-themed needlepoint?!) we love that the two send each other goodnight texts with silly rhymes like total ~normies~. Of course, Ed has to go ahead and throw in the fact that they are actually "multi-platinum lyricists," but besides that, their whole text exchange could have easily been between any two BFFs out there. And that's why they're flawless.

In addition to screencapping their texts, Taylor and Ed have been posting some envy-inducing travel pics on Instagram, with T. Swift documenting her Tokyo airport arrival (which was totally calm and not at all insane, natch) and the ginger crooner sharing photos from his visit to Graceland.

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